Recent Work :: That Funny Magic Guy

We had the pleasure of working with an extremely talented magician, Jason Werhun – That Funny Magic Guy, over the years and have now just completed a new promo video for him. We think it’s turned out quite nicely and has been a great change of pace from the usual corporate work we engage in and love to produce! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jason many times over the years and he’s not only a wonderfully entertaining performer but also a good friend. For this project we combined material shot on Sony XDCAM EX Camcorders along with P2 footage and the white background shots were done on the Canon 5D Mark II. The shots with text elements were integrated by rotoscoping the practical foota

Color Grading :: SpeedLooks Irritates Me… In a good way

I’ve said for years that everything needs some level of color correction to fix mistakes or slight imperfections recorded in camera or to take something from looking okay and mediocre to looking fantastic. Well for me there was a pretty limited tool kit that I could draw on for some time, while I knew how to use the Nucoda Film Master I didn’t always have access to one nor the sweet tools that are part of a dedicated grading application like that. So I used the tools available to me, like the built in color correction effects in Adobe Premiere and After Effects, along with some really nice plugins like Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista and while they are great tools and did the trick I always

Shareholder Message for TransCanada

Project: CEO Message to Shareholders Agency: Bryan Mills Iradesso Client: TransCanada Pipelines Limited Project Overview We were fortunate enough to once again be able to work with the wonderful people over at Bryan Mills Iradesso on an accompany piece for TransCanada Pipelines Limited Annual Report with a CEO Message to Shareholders Video. Everyone involved in the project were truly wonderful to work with and I feel the results are really quite nice. Shot on the Canon C100 and 5D MarkII; the piece was color graded in SpeedGrade; matching the camera’s and using SpeedLooks Clean to drive the overall look. Some subtle noise reduction was done after the grade before the piece was mastered.

New Kit | Teleprompter

We recently did some testing on several teleprompters, Applied Electronics and Autocue were incredibly helpful and in the end we basically stole the 8″ Professional unit. The first prompter we received was a total piece of crap, it introduced chromatic abberations and other optical artifacts, and had a cheapish build quality. This prompter is professional, the glass that sits in front of the camera’s lens is really high quality and really doesn’t affect the image and the loss of light through the glass is so minimal that isn’t an issue either. And this Prompter being an 8″ unit it is perfect for corporate and some commercial work, it’s small and light and really portable. In fact this unit i


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