Project Proposal

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50th Anniversary Video

Whissell Contracting

Prepared by Craig Van Horne


This proposal is for the creation of a video celebrating fifty years in business for Whissell Contracting and the Whissell Family. 

Following a value enriched approach, at the end of the process not only will Whissell have a video commemorating five decades of business in Alberta, but also benefit from the addition of cinematic broll that can be used in various other marketing and training materials.

In addition you will have the availability of unused and extended interview content with members of the Whissell family, and colleagues that would represent a documented portion of the family's legacy.

This proposal is based on a more complex approach than initially discussed. Further to our meeting, where new ideas were introduced. I've estimated with the view to the higher end of possibility.

With so many possibilities, I believe this represents the upper end of the scale. Should you wish to engage our company in the work we would be more than happy to adapt the vision to conform with whatever budget you are comfortable.


Project Details


  • Discover the various stories woven through the past fifty years and craft a compelling documentary.

  • Generate new library material for Whissell's marketing and employee engagement purposes.

Project Timeline

  • Begin pre-production immediately with a series of pre-camera interviews to discover the story threads.

  • Design the look and mood of the content and get sign off on the concepts before proceeding to production.

  • Sift through the archival materials, video, pictures, and other items intrinsic to the Whissell story.

  • Plan the broll content and schedule shooting based on the weather and construction season as we move into spring.

  • Complete production by the end of July.

  • Complete the edit for final delivery by end of August.


Our Process

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I use a storyclock to plot out the salient events in a documentary style project. This clock gets information from the pre-interviews added to it and allows us to see wholes in the story, as well as to identify better questions to ask so the story flows, entertains, and engages the audience.

During this time we also settle on a look and design for the project, narrow down music genre's, and we collect and organize archival materials and create shot lists so we know what needs to be captured. Often these will be updated as new information is discovered while shooting the interviews.


We then begin shooting all of the content required to tell your story. Typically we begin with the interviews so we know what the narrative is before we shoot the supporting content (Broll). 



Normally we begin the editorial process on a project such as this around the same time we shoot the initial interviews. This helps determine what additional b-roll might be required.

There are a number of concrete steps during post production that are based on making the process efficient and cost effective by only moving on to the next steps when approval has been obtained.

We will share this process in more detail should we move to the next steps.



Interview Style Concept

One possibility for the interviews would be to shoot them in a large industrial setting if possible, with some heavy machines arranged in the background would be an incredible visual, in a similar manner to the setup of the video on the left.

One possibility for the interviews would be to shoot them in a large industrial setting if possible, with some heavy machines arranged in the background would be an incredible visual, in a similar manner to the setup of the video on the left.

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Sample of our previous documentary work

Arc Financial: Twenty Five Year

Dana Coffield: Beyond the Clouds







  • Conducting pre-interviews

  • Research 

  • Creative and visual design.

  • Music search

  • Scheduling and planning



  • 2 Day's of interviews, if all interviewee's could be booked within those days
    and if we shoot them on back to back days. (Estimating 8 interviewees)

  • 3 Day's of shooting in the field to gather cinematic b-roll

  • 1 Day shooting in the office environment.

  • 1-2 Day's shooting tabletop archival materials


The Edit

  • Ingesting and organizing archival materials

  • Ingesting footage

  • Editing & Motion Graphics/Graphics work

  • Estimated 6 days of editorial in total


Final Sound

  • Dialog editing

  • Music mix

  • Sound effects and sound design

  • Voiceover Artist

  • Final sound mix


Our quotes are one price

The proposals we create are one price. That way there are no surprises or randomly increased costs. We base our estimates on the scope of work as we understand it at the time of writing the estimate.

As noted in the introduction, this is based on a more ambitious approach than originally discussed. Should you choose to work with us we would develop a more concrete budget after further discuss as to the scope of the project after having batted around all the possibilities and ideas before proceeding further.