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When looking for a Video Services Provider, what should businesses be asking first?

The question is… What is a good way to determine who we want to work with on our companies video project?

Because the majority of the video production work we do at Scorched Ice is corporate communications, of one form or another, we thought it might be a good idea to share what we think the most critical questions are to be asking; when considering various service providers for video production services.

We believe the two most important questions to ask are… “do I like the people I’m dealing with?” And, “do I get the sense that they are capable of delivering the level of value and quality we are expecting?”

To be honest, in a perfect world where budgets didn’t play any role in determining what we do as individuals and as corporate entities, they wouldn’t influence our decisions; in many ways the aforementioned questions should be the only considerations. But we don’t live in a perfect world and all factors, including budget must be considered.

With that in mind, a lot of video production service providers to like to put themselves out there on the basis of their equipment list, which should be primarily determined by budget and the needs and requirements of the production. Equipment isn’t the start of the conversation, it’s the end; And it is unfortunate that this happens because a camera or a drone or any other piece of equipment won’t get the job done, and won’t produce a working experience that is enjoyable . It’s all about the people behind the equipment.

There are a lot of people out there, both professional and hobbyist, who are producing incredible work. Outstanding work, and visually extremely compelling work, with equipment that a lot of professional video producers would balk at. But what was used shouldn’t detract from what was accomplished from the perspective of story, cinematography, and aesthetic value on screen. Equipment in and of itself won’t make something better, nor will equipment compensate for a personality or attitude that people don’t like being around.

In many ways, the relationship we develop with our clients, and that our clients develop with us; is profoundly important. For the vast majority of people who hire a video production company for private or public projects, there is usually a gap in understanding of the technologies, the practices, the work flow and the methodologies that those of us in professional video production employ in the execution of the creative, in pursuit of delivering high on screen value. If we are completely honest, there is also a lack of understanding among many who work in video production, so it’s not surprising some people end up with a poor experience or far more stress than they went into a project with, when they come out the other end.

That gap isn’t necessarily something to be embarrassed by; the business of motion picture production changes so rapidly, and the technology evolves so quickly, that it is a serious undertaking in and of itself to stay on top of all the changes. And more importantly to understand what they mean to budgets and what role those changes play in bringing more value to the on screen results for the client. All of this change can lead to a lot of stress and frustration for everyone involved in the project, if there isn’t trust in the relationship, built on a foundation of comfort in the technical and creative expertise of the video services provider.

Which makes it ever more important to work with people you actually like, and who not only instill confidence, but also earn your trust. At Scorched Ice, we have a lot of clients who, give us a lot of leeway to make creative decisions, decisions about equipment and, a lot of rope with which we can hang ourselves. But that freedom comes with instilling trust in our ability to deliver, to solve problems and to bring ideas to the table to take the project to the next level. Sometimes all that it takes to add tremendous on screen value is to proffer an idea, that enhances the creative and takes the value proposition into another realm.

At Scorched Ice, we are always excited by forging new relationships, making new friends and becoming an incredible resource to our clients and friends. For us, it’s about taking away some of the stress, doing business, and producing video content in a way that makes our clients lives a little easier. It’s also about having fun, we believe that everyone benefits when we have a great time working together to tell your story in a really compelling way.

Just as our clients choose to work with us… We choose to work with our clients. Life is too short, and creative undertakings like video production can be very stressful, for us to not place an emphasis on having fun and enjoying the company of the people we work with.

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