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The Western Hockey League :: Raise Your Play

We were approached by our friends at the Western Hockey League to produce a new recruitment video for the league. The WHL is one of the premiere providers of NHL talent in the world and showcases some of the best junior hockey anywhere. This project took almost 18 months to complete, spanning approximately a season and a half. Logistically it was difficult to get access to WHL Alumni who are now playing in the NHL as well as the current roster of players in the Western Hockey League. Everyone involved has incredibly busy schedules so we had to move rapidly once we had confirmation of a player being in Calgary and that they were available to shoot an interview.

Interviews were shot primarily in Calgary, but also in Red Deer, Edmonton and Seattle.

I’ll post some more about this project soon, the workflow and final product on this is closely related to my previous post about what is good enough. When you might only have five minutes with an interview subject there isn’t time to adjust lighting, tweak the background or make lots of changes to camera settings. When hard time constraints are placed on the interview shoot there simply isn’t time for anything other than getting the shot. But I believe we came up with some innovative ways to raise the production value given those challenges…. Stay tuned.

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