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Influencer | Mac Van Wielingen

Once again we were very proud to have been a part of the Ivey School of Business’, Global Ivey Day. Every year the Calgary Ivey Alumni Association chooses one alumni from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, who has made a significant contribution to the Calgary business community to honor with the Award for Leadership. And we are once again proud to have been part of this project.

The recipient for 2013 is Mac Van Wielingen, a founder of ARC Financial, a private equity investment company. And a founder of ARC Resources Ltd., one of Canada’s largest conventional oil and gas companies. Mac has also been a passionate advocate for ethics in business and leadership, organizational culture and communication, through writing and public speaking on related themes. Mac is also the founder and Chair of CCAL, the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership at the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. It’s mission is to support the introduction of advanced understandings of business leadership into business education, focusing on performance and ethics.

I sought to gain a better understanding of what has made Mac such a profoundly effective leader, rather than simply focus on the measures of his accomplishments.

Shot on: Canon C100 | Primarily with the Rokinon 35mm Cine Lens Graded: SpeedGrade with SpeedLooks by LookLabs

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