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Recent Work :: That Funny Magic Guy

We had the pleasure of working with an extremely talented magician, Jason Werhun – That Funny Magic Guy, over the years and have now just completed a new promo video for him. We think it’s turned out quite nicely and has been a great change of pace from the usual corporate work we engage in and love to produce! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jason many times over the years and he’s not only a wonderfully entertaining performer but also a good friend.

For this project we combined material shot on Sony XDCAM EX Camcorders along with P2 footage and the white background shots were done on the Canon 5D Mark II. The shots with text elements were integrated by rotoscoping the practical footage and then we used Adobe SpeedGrade in conjunction with SpeedLooks for color grading and finishing, then adding in some light leaks and other elements to complete the look, which is quite stylized.

Producer: Craig Van Horne Editing/Rotoscoping/Compositing/Finishing: Dave Hiatt

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