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New Kit | Teleprompter

We recently did some testing on several teleprompters, Applied Electronics and Autocue were incredibly helpful and in the end we basically stole the 8″ Professional unit. The first prompter we received was a total piece of crap, it introduced chromatic abberations and other optical artifacts, and had a cheapish build quality.

This prompter is professional, the glass that sits in front of the camera’s lens is really high quality and really doesn’t affect the image and the loss of light through the glass is so minimal that isn’t an issue either. And this Prompter being an 8″ unit it is perfect for corporate and some commercial work, it’s small and light and really portable.

In fact this unit is so light, we could easily shoot off the shoulder or handheld with the prompter attached without too much issue. The entire prompter kit packs nicely into a single Pelican case and can be flown into location shoots with ease, and operated by our smallest crews, making it incredible economical to get teleprompting anywhere you have facilities or people.

It includes the laptop and the same software used by news rooms around the world; as well as a jog-shuttle controller for ease of scroll speed control. Getting great performances out of your executive or staff member is easier than ever and we don’t have to worry about whether or not we can book the prompter guy for the specific window of opportunity you have for your talent. If you are booking with us we will ensure that this unit is available for your use should it be required.

We shot the following corporate video while using this prompter:

Project: Message to Shareholders Agency: Bryan Mills Iradesso Client: Pembina Pipeline Corporation

We are making this available to our clients and as a rental with or without operator (qualification for rental applications without operator is required; only available for rental in Calgary).

For rental inquiries contact us at

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