Production Information

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Prepared by Craig Van Horne



We are excited with the opportunity to work on your project. We've gathered some information to help you better understand how we work and what you can expect.

Our Approach

Every individual production, big or small, creates its own unique set of challenges. We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt quickly, and solve problems. We believe that the production company you engage shouldn't create more problems for you, it should solve problems. Allowing you to focus on the myriad of other matters that demand your attention.

The content we create is in service of our customers. We don't bring ego, we are easy to work with, we solve problems, and we have fun doing it.

What do we bring?

Our core team has a combined experience of shooting and producing video content of more than a half century. We know what is required to quickly adapt to different shooting environments and our standard production kit is versatile enough to adapt and accommodate 95% of production needs, and that other 5%, we have the resources in-house and through our relationships to build out even the most ambitious production goals.

When we provide a budget based on the known scope of work, and we honor that budget. The only time we see budget change, is when the scope of work changes. 

For larger productions we have additional equipment available and can provide quote for this equipment. Because of our experience, we can easily determine if more is needed and flag those additional costs early so there are no surprise hits to your budget.

We strive to provide clear budgeting during the pre-production process, and will create customized budgets based on your individual needs.


With our vast experience, both nationally and internationally, our team is fluid, there isn’t a problem or issue we haven’t encountered in our decades of providing exceptional service.


All of this is in service of providing the highest level of value to you and your project.

With what we are able to create with our highly skilled team today, it would’ve been nearly impossible to accomplish even a decade ago. As technology and skills develop, we adapt and reflect those efficiencies in the level of production we deliver to each and every client.

Behind the Scenes

Insight into what things could look like on the day.

What can we expect?

Here is an example of what is typically possible to shoot in a half day.

This commercial used minimal lighting, we didn't need to do much to set decorate the space, we had a single actor who was exceptional at hitting his marks, and repeating his actions. 

We were able to shoot everything on the shot list for this shoot while also getting several alternate options for the editor to work with.

Corporate | Industrial Broll

What can we expect?

This is an example of a single day with one camera shooting broll in an industrial setting. On this day we shot approximately 251 clips totaling close to 2 hours and 15 minutes of total footage.

Below is a link to download a footage report from that day as an example of what is fairly typical for a day shooting broll. Of course every day and location have their unique dynamics and every result will be different. However this is pretty typical.

Camera Report

TC Energy Office Lifestyle Broll

What can we expect?

This is an example of a one day office lifestyle shoot. Shot in a single day with multiple locations at the clients offices, with models who were being directed by our team.

The final result was approximately 15min of final usable, clips that could be used in any way to tell corporate stories. Each scenario was shot in a way so that an editorial story was possible with wide establishing shots, medium shots, and closeups to provide options to editors.

This content was shot without a specific project in mind, it was part of creating a library of content that the client could use in future communications projects rather than having to source content from a stock library.

Overview & Budget

Founder Video: Shoot interviews and supporting broll of the company principles. 

1 Day Shoot

Interviews in the morning

Broll in the afternoon with the founders and possibly additional content of the facilities if time allows.

Client Initiation Process Video

1 Day Shoot

Shooting unscripted content for full day. 

Possible shot list (example, not a definitive list):

People entering the offices. Following person through door. Closeups of hand on door. Low shot of feet entering.

Being greeted by staff. From the perspective of the staff member and the reverse of the client.

Coverage of the founders in their offices at their desks with client entering and being greeted in the background. 

Founder exiting the office to meet the client.

Greeting client from both the clients perspective and the founders.

Offering beverage, preparing a coffee. 

Settling in for a conversation.

Coverage of a conversation with various shots, wide, medium and closeups that can cut into a nice sequence.

Founder showing samples of the material to the client, nods of approval etc.

Roll out of schematic plans, wides, medium, and close-ups from front. Then reverse over the shoulder looking at plans.


Shoot Per day: $1900.00 + GST

Includes Director of Photography, Cinematographer, camera package, lighting and grip equipment, sound etc.

Post Production: $3900.00 + GST


Estimated at 2 full days of editorial for both videos, standard motion graphics for titles and a simple motion graphics logo intro. Approximately three hours of post production sound mixing has been budgeted for these two videos as well. A standard color grade and output to delivery formats.