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Green Line


This proposal contains a significant number of assumptions based on the information provided to date. It is intended as a overview for what a project level communications of rich content can look like and may be subject to change.


Our approach to production is to shoot with the aim to create a library of content that is easily accessible, transparent to your team so you know what you have and can quickly determine what is needed as construction progresses.

Initial Shooting

At the outset we need to capture general content that can aid in telling the story. With 11 stations and the construction partners we are estimating a half day at each location and 2 days of general office/planning broll.

8 Day's to Start


We are estimating that initially the time required as construction ramps up and we build the initial library of content 4 days a month of shooting would be reasonable for the first year of construction.

4 Day's / Month

Year 1 - 52 Days of production


This is based on standard day rates of $1400/day for operator and equipment. As a project rate we will include a second camera, gimbal, gopro camera, and drone to be used in the capture of content.

Digital art exhibit

Media Management

Getting the management of content right from the outset is important so your team can take full advantage of the investment into this content as possible. And make sharing clips with partners like the City of Calgary as easy as possible.

Each day we would sort, cull and organize the media from the day. Making individual clips that are suitable to be used in any edit you could envision.

This media would then go into the library, with key metadata tags that allow us, and your team, to quickly find relevant media. Location, people, construction type etc.

This library would live in the cloud, accessible to your team through your Microsoft Sharepoint, and in house with our post production partner.

If you don't know what you have, & can't access it quickly & easily it won't realize it's full value & potential.


Using the media management software is simple and we will provide training to your team so you can get the most out of it as a partner in the production process.

3 Hours / Shoot Day at 52 days for the year


Production Total: $86,700

Digital art exhibit

Post Production

Our post production partner, Jump Studios and I have broken down the three distinct columns. Initial design/animation toolkit which is an up-front cost for the branding package that would be used throughout the construction period year over year. A dedicated person to produce, write content copy, and manage the project. And the creation of individual videos, social media posts etc.

Jump logo Color.jpg

Design/Animation Toolkit

Inclusive of 3 Segment Openings

3 Full Frame backgrounds

lower thirds in 3 variations

3 transition elements

delivered as After Effects templates to be used throughout the lifespan of the project.

This is a one- time expense.


Route Maps

A master collection of 2D animated maps (5 to
6 variants) that represent the Green Line routes, created for use in various social media productions. Color palette to

compliment the overall Design/Animation Toolkit. This is a one- time expense.



This dedicated person would attend one production meeting a week with your team, set goals, co-ordinate the production schedule, and write the copy for each piece of final media.

$3600 / Month

We have made some assumptions about the quantity of the various content types that may be produced based on the broad strokes of the information provided. This includes creation of 102 separate deliverable pieces of content, broken down into more detail below.

Post Production Total: $215,000

Digital art exhibit

Post Production


Total of 102 Deliverable Pieces of Content

3D Visualization
More information required before a quote can be provided.
Construction Mini Documentaries
These mini­-docs would be 5 to 7 minutes in length, mainly created with on­site video, aerial footage, supporting graphics, titles, narration and music. Production of two per year, usage TBC.
Factoid Shorts/ Data Visualization
Short and to the point "did you know" factoids for monthly social media posting in 15 seconds or less. These messages are graphical in nature using video as required. Inclusive of narration and music
Construction Updates
Monthly 60 second social media message on construction progress. This segment will be mainly video focused making use of drone footage and on­site video with supporting graphics, titles, narration and music.
Points of Interest
Bi­monthly 20 to 30 second social media message noting specific aspects of construction, inclusive of narration and music.
Weekly Traffic Updates
15 to 20 second social media messages created from pre­produced maps and other graphical elements, contains no video. Inclusive of narration and music.

Previous Work

relevant work for reference

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