Craig founded Scorched Ice Digital in 2001 following the wake of the tech bubble bursting, at the beginning of the transition from analog to digital.

Craig brings a technical understanding of this business which is part creative, part systems engineer and part technologist. Craig began his career in the late 1990’s, more so than today, it was a requirement that independent boutique operators have a much more in-depth understanding and technical capability not only on the creative side but also on the technological management of systems in order to survive in the black art days of the digital revolution.

"Creating motion pictures, whether it be some form of corporate communications, a documentary, a feature film or anything else is simply the best way in the world to learn about something. When I come out the other side of a project on a particular subject I always feel the richer for it, for me the process of learning about the subject, and telling the story is the greatest thing in the world, it is one of the most amazing things for someone who is curious, to be able to explore so many subjects through motion picture story telling."

Craig Van Horne is an Adobe Certified Expert Editor, & experienced drone pilot. Craig holds a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada.

Craig Van Horne

CSO//Chief Storytelling Officer | Producer & Senior Editor


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