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Craig Van Horne
Craig Van Horne

Craig Van Horne is the founder of Scorched Ice Digital, a film and video production and post production company. He founded the company in 2001 after working in, then nascent, digital media encoding and streaming during the late 1990's.

Craig is a problem solver, and works closely with clients as part of a team to solve their challenge, it just happens to be that is usually done through the creation of moving picture content. This commitment has led to collaboration with Canadian political campaigns, and led him to provide services for Fortune 500 companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, and many other governmental and NGOs.

He is an Avid and Adobe Premiere editor, motion graphics designer, compositor, rotoscope artist, producer, colorist and cinematographer. He has applied his skills to productions for ESPN, NBC, ABC and others; and played various roles in independent feature films from camera to editorial, VFX, color grading and delivery.

He has shot and produced many short and long form documentaries, commercials, corporate communications and music videos as well as live action plates for award winning projects, and has been nominated for an AMPIA best editor award. Craig has worked as a demonstration colorist on Nucoda Film Master, and a demonstration Editor for Matrox video on Adobe Premiere Pro at the National Convention of Broadcasters in Las Vegas and Amsterdam. He is a certified Adobe Premiere Pro expert editor.

Today, Craig's primary focus is on cinematography and telling human stories. To him, the greatest gift of a career in film and video production is a never ending opportunity to learn, grow and advance in a wide range of skills and knowledge.

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