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Senior Partner Video


Prepared by Craig Van Horne


The purpose of this page is to introduce some ideas, options and possible costs associated with having a video produced to honor your senior partner's contribution to Deloitte as he moves to transition his role.


Project Details


  • Create a light, congratulatory message for a senior partner whose contributions to the organization have been outstanding.

  • Convey the team's sentiments in a video that may be considered a keepsake from his time at Deloitte.

  • Articulate some of the things that this individual would likely not say about themselves.

  • Provide inspiration for others through lessons learned from Chris's time in his current role at Deloitte.


Creative Possibilities

People reflecting on an individual's leadership.

In this piece we examined the leadership of Mac Van Wielingen. We followed certain themes in the interviews so they would likely intercut short comments well from each interviewee.

Mood Reel

This is a mood reel I had put together, the content isn't as important as the style of the interviews, and to a degree the short snippets of commentary are representative, I believe of the types of responses that would cut really well into a great video that honors your senior partner.


For this project, I would source a motion graphics template and then modify it to create a compelling introduction that highlights the cities important to the story.

Like the introduction for the video on the right I produced. Or the template below.







  • This would cover time to conduct pre-interviews, craft the story and flow and collaborate with your team to ensure that what comes out the other end of production is something you want.



  • I'm estimating that production would be approximately one half day. Based on 4-6 on-camera interview subjects.

  • Using a two camera setup, with the second camera on a motion controlled slider to add some interest and increase the production value.

  • Half day's are costed at 65% of our standard day rate.

  • I'm also including the second camera and slider at no additional cost.


The Edit

  • Ingesting and syncing cameras.

  • Editing & Motion Graphics/Graphics work and color grading.

  • Estimated 2 days including review and approval time.

  • Motion graphics would be based on a modified template.