August 18, 2015


I know what you’re thinking… “Really… another article about mentoring?” Well yeah, and while I have mentioned mentoring before I haven’t written an article about my perspectives on mentoring, of which, I’m a huge proponent. There is one thing that being mentored by ot...

August 10, 2015

I’ve started using a phrase that I think represents what business needs to be doing more today than at almost any other time in history. That is, make business human, demonstrate and articulate through human connections and stories what it is your business does and how...

August 7, 2015

The question is… What is a good way to determine who we want to work with on our companies video project?


Because the majority of the video production work we do at Scorched Ice is corporate communications, of one form or another, we thought it might be a good idea to...

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